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Electric Glider

Navigate the spaceship through a maze of electric barriers. Control your spaceship by tilting your phone in order to dodge black holes and enemy fire.

Egyptian Ships

The Egyptians want to build a pyramid in a new town. But one of their gods is hostile to them. He sends out his followers to stop the egyptian project.

Der Gerät

Besiege Der Gerät beim Dönerfleisch schneiden und erziele den höchst möglichen Highscore!

Elite Bubbles

Elite Bubbles is a bubble shooter with more than 100 levels to complete. Combine 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.

Sam Jumpman

Sam Jumpman is an accelerometer based jump game. Tilt your phone to control Sam, in order to jump from platform to platform. Try to jump up to the top, to reach the next level. There are three kinds of items, which will help you make your way up the levels.

Labyrinth Lab

Connect all the ground tiles to complete the level. Start with the green tile and search the way to the blue tile.

Stream Runner

Your data got stolen! Activate your Stream Runner and get your data back!

Flippy Tube

Navigate the tube by tapping on the screen. Try to avoid the birds and get as far as you can.

Words 2

Find all the words in the playfield as fast as possible. Choose your words from 4 different language packs and compare your highscore with other player in the online leaderboard.